Your Juicer Blade — Pay Close Attention to It!

When people are spending time in finding the best juicer for their needs, they often tend to fall prey to a few misconceptions that exist about these products. Many of these false ideas are about the main component of the juicer, i.e. its blade. Let us talk about why these notions are false and what you should do to select the right product.

Juicer blades must move as fast as possible. – False!

If your juicer blade is moving too fast, it means it is slashing your fruits and vegetables too quickly. This does not help you, because the stuff you are putting in is becoming pulp too fast to extract any of the valuable nutrients from it. When it pulps the fruit too quickly, there is also the problem of partial extraction. Due to this, your juice will have a very undesirable texture with more solid bits floating in the partial liquid that has been extracted.

You want your juicer blade to move slowly so that it can take whatever flavors and nutrients that it can. This produces a more concentrated juice with mostly preserves all the good stuff in it. Instead of moving fast, the blade should be heavy and fit firmly into the device.

Also, blade maintenance is an important part of your juicer upkeep. Wash the blade after each use according to the instructions provided. Generally keeping it under running water is all that you need to do. Blades are made of non-rusting materials, but ensure that you dry them out completely before fixing them back into the machine.

The best juicers come with different blade attachments that you can use for different kinds of fruits and vegetables. If this is the case, your manual will indicate which blade to use for a particular fruit or vegetable. Use them according to instructions, and you will not only get the best juice extract but also you will be able to use your machine for a long time to come.