Get to Know New People

There are many ways we can talk to people using the Internet: e-mails, forums, chatrooms, social media, chats in games … Some of them require us to know an adress so we should know people whom we communicate with in advance; in most cases, communication is possible among any users, at least as long as they both want it. That means we can get to know new people in the Internet. This is great for those who have trouble communicating in person and enables us to meet people who live far away so we would probably never meet otherwise. Distance talks can be safer as people cannot physically attack each other; on the other hand, it is easier to deceive and verbally assault others as they cannot see you. If you are not careful, you can end up with a »friend« who just wants to abuse you or steal from you. Even suicides have happened due to online harassment.

Sites like omegle have all those advantages and disadvantages. Omegle stands out among them as it is specifically intended for meeting strangers. Users who should talk to each other are chosen randomly. You can enter a topic you want to talk about or add Facebook likes to your interests list so you will be connected with a person with similar interests. You can also choose the language.

They can chat as long as they want. They are anonimous for safety reasons but can choose to introduce themselves, which is not recommended since abusers have provenly used Omegle. Of course, not everybody you meet there has bad intentions.

Site policy does not allow automated chats or nudity. It should go without saying that sexual harrasment, defamation and posting others’ private information are forbidden and you must respect coyprights. Those should be general rules of behaviour everywhere.