Out of court settlements is also one way out

Any insurance claim is a drain on the resources of the insurance company. This is because the premium amount is low whereas the claim amount is invariably higher. As per the terms of the contract of insurance between the company and the insured, any claim if found correct in all respects has to be honoured without any delay on the part of the insurance company. The insurance company has the right to reject claims for reasons ranging from misrepresentation of facts to violations of policy terms or any other reason which it may deem fit. The reasons for rejection of claim have to be conveyed to the claimant. Normally it is seen that it is ignorance or pure carelessness on the part of the policy holder that claims get rejected later on. The specified terms and conditions are not that difficult to observe and follow. In fact most of the policy holders do so and their claims do get honoured without any issue. It is only in shady cases that the rejection of claim occurs.


It is seen that people sometimes take the insurance companies for granted and do not pay much attention to the questions asked while filling out the application for a life insurance policy. They should understand that it is going to be their legal heirs and not they who would have to face the music after their death. A little care if exercised at the initial stages can save a lot of heartburn later on. In spite of all care being exercised there are cases when claims do get dishonoured. These cases have to be fought out with the assistance of the life insurance lawyers. Court settlements take time and sometimes an out of court settlement can also be reached between the parties. These lawyers can assist under such circumstances too.