Pollution is the one of the causes of all the diseases

It is certainly very true that pollution can affect a human body in more ways than we can think of. There are many types of pollution that exist today. No type of pollution gives any advantage to anybody. Pollution has been and always will be harmful for people. There are many types of pollution. These types of pollution directly affect the health of all the living beings on earth. We talk about water pollution, both human beings and aquatic animals face the aftermath of water pollution. For aquatic animals, the water becomes so toxic at times, that they cannot survive in it only. When we talk about human beings, they cannot use this water for any purpose. The pollution of water makes it contaminated, leaving it ultimately of no use to anyone. Today in this age, when we are finding new and improved ways to preserve our existing resources, we have an old enemy to fight which is pollution.

Mostly when we talk about human beings, pollution has given a lot of unwanted things. Some of them are hair loss, hypertension, skin infections, and hearing problems. Pollution today has caused a lot of diseases as well. This is the reason why it is so important to control the whole pollution. When we talk about air pollution, the air today is very contaminated. This makes it very difficult for human beings to breath. The toxic gases that are emitted from vehicles and chimneys of industries make the air poisonous and we are ultimately unable to breath in this air. The increasing pollution around the world has started reflecting on each and every thing today. Clearly the quality of life has been affected with the growing amount of pollution today.

How much is too much? Vitamin B7 dosage

Plagued with your disobedient hair? Having a ‘bad-hair-day’ seems to be getting common these days, what with our erratic lifestyle and hectic work schedules. If your hair is falling at an alarming rate or the split ends are making your hair look like cobweb, then it is probably time you consult a trichologist or a ‘hair expert’. Hair is a critical part of your personality and losing hair can be a confidence-killer, especially for women. Even balding men tend to become the butt of office jokes and have a tough time finding a date. So do not wait for your hair to disappear and immediately book an appointment at your local hair clinic, if you have tried and failed at all those home-remedies.

One of the first things that your doctor will recommend is probably a Biotin supplement. Biotin supplements are easily available at all medical outlets and also quite inexpensive. However, it is always better to know exactly what you are ingesting before you pop those pills. Biotin is the common term for Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H, which belongs to the group of Vitamin B-complex. These are water-soluble and help with the body’s TCA cycle (or the metabolism, as we common folks call it). To make it simple, Biotin helps in breaking down the carbohydrates and proteins in our body. Biotin also has a great deal of other benefits, one of which is in promoting healthy growth of hair and nails.

When your doctor prohibits you to take in more than a permissible dosage, there’s probably a good reason behind it. So, make sure that you do not overdose on those pills. Common side effects from biotin include allergies, cystic acne, chances of accidental abortion (during pregnancy) and harmful interaction with anti-seizure medicines. Therefore, it is advisable to follow your doctor’s prescription strictly.