Why is it Important to Monitor the Web Presence of Your Staff

Are you aware of the stuff your employees are doing on the web? The minimum damage would be if they are not using their productive time for productive purposes but are rather spending time on social media or watching YouTube videos. Worst case scenario, they are possibly exploiting some of company’s sensitive data that might get the company in a big trouble. Keeping an eye on an employee with a spy app therefore might be a great solution to avoid these dangers.

If you are worried about privacy laws just take into consideration that more than 75% of US companies now monitor their staff’s online presence. Gone are the days when PC monitoring was a draconian measure only the secret agencies were undertaking. If something in your business is not working the way you expect it, and you suspect that the staff is not doing their best to push the boundaries, you are probably left with the best bet to ‘spy’ on their computers to see if they are doing what they should be.

All the effort your team does in their productive time matters. Spending times on irrelevant web destinations can hamper your business and imagine yet if an employee is using your company’s PC to visit offensive content that could subject your company to serious legal complications. Visiting these sites could also damage and expose your network system to dangers from malware and viruses. You do not want to spend money on repairing your PC’s for sure.

Workers can also reveal important data, and in that way endanger your company’s strategy, confidentiality of your clients, etc.

You can clearly see that monitoring PC’s of your staff is an important part of managing your business. However, informing them prior to doing it is highly recommended.